What You Need to Know about Air Conditioning Maintenance

The last thing you want during the hotter months is to be stranded in your home without a functional air conditioner. Just like any other machine, air conditioning systems require routine maintenance in order to ensure that they continue to provide reliable cooling. Proper AC maintenance conducted by expert technicians brings with it many advantages.

The main advantage of AC maintenance is that it helps to save you money on energy costs, since a properly functioning unit will consume power efficiently, as designed by the manufacturer. Below are some of the steps that a qualified technician will take in the routine maintenance of air conditioning units.


The fans and the condenser coil fins are inspected for debris. While performing the inspection, extra care is taken not to bend the delicate metal fins.


The unit is opened, and using a microfiber cloth or a sponge, the blades of the fan are cleaned. A few drops of fan motor oil are dropped into the required ports. The top panel and the protective grille around the condenser unit are then closed.

Air filter change

It’s important to change the air filter if needed, as this will increase the efficiency of the AC system and ensure your home’s air quality.

Final check

Once the unit is done being serviced, the power is reconnected and the system is restarted to check if it is working well.

With regular maintenance conducted by an experienced technician, you’ll reap all the benefits of air conditioning maintenance, including reduced energy costs, reliable cooling, and a longer life for your AC system.

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