Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

To keep your home heated as effectively and efficiently as possible, it’s important to have a well-functioning furnace. Furnaces have a long lifespan—the average unit can last up to 20 years—but that doesn’t mean they don’t stop working as effectively over time. Routine maintenance and repairs are a great way to extend the longevity of your furnace, but after a long period of time repairs won’t be possible anymore and you’ll have no choice but to install an entirely new unit. Here are a few signs that it’s time to replace your furnace from the HVAC specialists at City Gas Company.

Uneven Temperatures

If you’re experiencing uneven temperatures throughout your home, it’s a sign that your furnace is no longer functioning correctly. A furnace is supposed to evenly distribute heat throughout your home. If your furnace has been previously repaired for this problem but the issue still persists, that’s a clear sign that your furnace is past its prime and it’s time to replace the unit with a newer one.

High Heating Bills

Have you noticed an increase in your heating bills even though you haven’t been using your furnace any more than usual? When your furnace is no longer in good condition, it has to work harder to heat your home, which results in more energy wasted and more expensive heating bills. Replacing your furnace may seem like an investment, but it’s the wise choice in the longer run—by upgrading to a newer, more energy efficient furnace, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of money on heating your home this winter.

Deciding whether or not to replace your furnace can be challenging. Sometimes, a simple repair will remedy a failing furnace and in other circumstances, you may have to get rid of the unit entirely. The professional HVAC technicians at City Gas Company can inspected your malfunctioning furnace to determine the best course of action. Based on their assessment, they can either perform the necessary repairs or install a new home heating unit for you. For more information about our furnace repair and installation services, give us a call today at City Gas Company.