Fall Air Conditioner Tips

Summer is winding to a close, but that doesn’t mean that the high temperatures are over just yet. We’ve been experiencing usually warm fall temperatures for the past few years, which means that you may be relying on your air conditioner for longer than expected this season. Here are some fall air conditioner tips to help you prepare your HVAC unit for the upcoming season.

Change Your Thermostat

Heat waves still occasionally occur during September and October so you may still need your air conditioner well into fall. However, just because there’s the odd unseasonably warm day, doesn’t mean you need to have your air conditioner on full-blast all season long. Turning down your thermostat by a few degrees in the fall will save you on expensive utility bills and help you to conserve energy. It will also prevent your air conditioner from overworking and burning out prematurely.

Clean or Replace Your Air Filter

Your air conditioner doesn’t just cool the air circulating in your home—it contains an filtration system that cleans the air as well. The air filter in your HVAC unit traps dirt and debris, leaving your air free of dust particles and pollutants. By the end of the summer, your air filter will be covered in all the dirt and debris it collected over the season. If left uncleaned, a dirty air filter can become ineffective and actually recirculate dirt and debris back into the air. Prevent a dirty air filter from ruining the air quality of your home by cleaning or replacing your air filter at the beginning of the fall season.

Changing environmental conditions have resulted in autumn that are often warmer than expected. With the right maintenance and care, you can use your air conditioning straight through the fall season. If you’re experiencing trouble with your HVAC unit or want to have it inspected for potential problems, contact us today at City Gas Company for the professional and reliable air conditioner maintenance and repair services you need.