As you may or may not know, humidity is the term for the percentage of water that is in the air.  For example, a misty rainforest would have very high humidity, while a stark, dry desert would have very low humidity.  Having a significant amount of humidity in your home can lead to all sorts  [...]

If you are looking for a reliable and professional furnace maintenance company that is guaranteed to help you ensure your furnace is always running at its highest possible efficiency, get in touch with one of our experts at City Gas Company. We ensure that you receive a friendly and polite service every time, no matter  [...]

Winter is here and people around the country are looking to balance their desire to stay warm with their desire to save money. Keeping your house warm enough when it is cold outside can cost a few hundred dollars or more. Every little bit counts. Here are some energy saving tips for winter from City  [...]

Since it is tucked away neatly in the basement, it can be easy to forget about and neglect your furnace. It is something that we use very often, but don’t really ever stop to think about. That is, until it starts making really loud noises. When it gets loud, you can hear it anywhere in  [...]

Is there anything better than that cosy feeling that we get inside of a warm home when it’s cold outside? Having a heating system that is working properly is a wonder of modern technology that we often take for granted. If yours stops working, it can make your life really uncomfortable. We get a lot  [...]