Clean, Healthy and Affordable

The new models of AC systems that we carry are the top of the line in energy efficiency, and don’t pollute the environment. With higher efficiency, you can run the machine more often, and keep cool without having to break the bank. The air is clean so it is healthy to breathe, and we don’t hurt the environment while doing it. You can rest assured that since City Gas Company specializes in hydronic heating, we are more than ready to tackle any type of cooling installation application. It doesn’t matter how big or small the place is, or if you have special needs or wishes. We can make your home cool and comfortable.

AC Repairs

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you need is for your air conditioner to stop working. If that does happen, all you need to do is call us and we’ll take care of the rest. City Gas Company offers professional air conditioner repair and installation in Toronto that you can depend on. Our team is made up of TSSA-qualified technicians who can ensure that you receive reliable cooling when you need it most. We won’t leave you waiting in the heat for too long, and our know-how and expertise means we can repair any make or model in any environment.

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioners work by removing the humidity from the air in your home, and then circulating it through the duct work that your furnace or forced air heating system uses. This in turn makes it feel cooler and more comfortable. The SEER rating of an air conditioner refers to the level of energy usage efficiency (the higher the SEER rating the more efficient the unit is, meaning less electricity is used). We make sure to only use those that give you the best efficiency, and keep your home cool while costing less.

Central air conditioning works by installing what is called an evaporator coil that sits inside the ductwork above your furnace; a second piece of equipment called the condenser is then placed outside of your home. The two are linked together by two lengths of copper piping. Inside the condensing unit outside is a compressor which produces a cooling effect on the gas that passes though from the evaporator coil above the furnace, then when the furnace fan is turned on the air passes across the evaporator coil, which cools it by removing the humidity and then it travels through your ductwork and into your home.


The advantages of central air are that there is a more complete feeling of cool air throughout the home than if you were using separate AC units. It is also more efficient in that it keeps the house a stable temperature, and doesn’t continually have to blow air to keep things at the level you desire. The real advantage to central air, though, is the fact that it is so convenient. You can control the home system from one thermostat, and you get the choice of setting how you want it to run, and when it turns on. There is no better way to keep your home cool during the summer than a central air system from City Gas.

At City Gas Company we are authorized dealers for Bryant (a specialized Carrier line) and American Standard (the corporation who owns Trane) for our premiere brands. These two manufactures have a proven track record of high quality and reliable products. We also carry a wide range of other manufactures to meet every price point and budget.

Ductless Air Conditioning

This style of air conditioning is a two-piece system with a wall mounted unit for the interior of your home. This allows us to install a cooling system in a house that has no existing duct work or to supplement existing forced air cooling systems (primarily used in homes with third stories or converted attics that do not have effective cooling from the home’s main system). With these advanced systems we are able to have single, dual or even triple zone cooling with a single outside condensing unit. Ductless Air Conditioners are an amazing addition to your home’s comfort system, and a great solution to larger homes, especially Toronto’s century style.

They are also a great solution for landlords needing to cool multiple units inside a building. A ductless air conditioning system is split into two parts, the interior head unit and the condensing unit that is installed outdoors. The outdoor unit can either be installed on the ground, mounted on the side of the home, or also installed on the roof. The two units are then linked to each other through electrical wiring and two copper pipes that runs the gas needed to cool the air. A fan inside the head unit then quietly and efficiently distributes the cool air to the room.

Numerous benefits

One of the greatest benefits to having a ductless air conditioner installed is their extremely high efficiency ratings – they are rated higher than your average central air conditioning system and offer super quiet technology. This gives you the maximal amount of cooling for the lowest price. With a new ductless system from us you get:

Up to 26 SEER efficiency

  • Variable compressors with speed inverters
  • Targeted cooling for hot spots in your home (cold air falls so often having a unit installed on a second floor benefits the entire home)
  • Quiet technology – as low as 19 DbA on some units
  • Germ and bacteria inhibiting capabilities

Annual maintenance on ductless systems is highly recommended to maintain efficiency, and to ensure that the lines are free from blockages and debris. The more maintenance you put into it, the longer it will last and the better it will function.

Names you can trust

There are many different brands of ductless air conditioning units on the market, but after years of experience, consumer testing, and reviews from across North America, City Gas has settled on Mitsubishi’s Mr. Slim line as our primary brand. This is due to their outstanding proven track record, exceptional warranty, quality and customer service. We also carry Fujitsu products, and have been happily installing their products for many years. We take pride in the reputation that we have built, and wouldn’t stake our good name on companies that weren’t worth it. With these names, you can trust that your system will work.

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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Toronto

No one wants to be stuck in the sweltering heat without a functioning air conditioner. When your AC system breaks down, relief is just a phone call away – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As part of our dedication to our customers, our prices remain the same no matter when you call us – day, evening, or weekend.

Give us a call and speak with a City Gas Company technician today. We’re standing by offer you AC repair in Toronto you can depend on. 416-465-3610.